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Secret invisible playing cards contact lenses


Our newest product Spy Invisible Contact lens are made with most recent expertise which is very useful for the user when playing Blackjack, Poker, Teen Patti, Mau- Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas Poker. You can see the marks from the range of the 30-40cm, before the cards were served to you, since you will be wearing the lenses, so apart from you no one else can spot the marks. The code will help you to choose your next move and you will win the game. This product is very helpful when playing card games and for other spy activities. Now you donít need to worry for the loses of money while playing any card games or performing any card tricks.

    Details and Specifications

    1. It works on the law of White Light.
    2. Clearly visible mark on the cards with Spy Invisible Contact Lens.
    3. Supports all Card games like Blackjack, Mau- Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas poker, etc.
    4. It can be a lovely gift for your friend who performs Card Tricks.
    5. This undetectable lens is built with utmost precautions and they do not have any side effect on your eyes.
    6. The marks are printed with imperceptible ink which cannot be seen through naked eyes.

Product items

The whole package includes A Pair of Invisible Lens with their Case and carry box includes Eye water to clean the lens after every use. It comes with one year of Warranty.

How to place an Order

You can directly place an order online using Net Banking Facilities or by using Mobile Wallet. Or Cash on Delivery is also available for our customers with free Home Delivery Service.

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