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Our new and latest product is built with modern features. This New K3 Playing Cards Device is a brand new cheating device used to win every playing card game. It is an all-in-one poker analyzer. It has all the features of Soothsayer, poker predictor. The device attaches analyzer and camera lens in a respective mobile phone. This device has an inbuilt camera that analyses the device that scans all the numbers and suite of opponent’s cards and also this device has all the features of soothsayer, poker predictor, etc. K3 Playing Cards Device is the best choice for Card Game lovers who wish to make a lot of money in Night-clubs and to be prosperous.

    1. Product is made with latest Technology which fulfills all customer needs.
    2. Built with latest Tech software so it is very convenient to use.
    3. This device has pre -installed hidden camera built inside.
    4. It is user friendly and User doesn’t require setting the code again and again.
    5. This device scans all the playing cards instantly and reports to the player.
    6. It comes with Bluetooth which helps you to get connected with your device unobserved.

Product items

Product comes with Secret device which is specially made with latest technology, Bluetooth, charger, Connector, User Manual and carry box which comes with one year of company warranty.

How to place an Order

You can directly place an order online using Net Banking Facilities or by using Mobile Wallet. Or Cash on Delivery is also available for our customers with free Home Delivery Service.

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